Chris Lake

Over the last half-decade, Chris Lake has been living a remarkable journey. His career as a DJ has taken him on a worldwide adventure, while his production skills have consistently propelled him to the top of industry rankings. As an avid music enthusiast, he remains committed to seeking out the freshest and most innovative beats. To put it simply, he has solidified his status as one of the world’s premier DJ/producers.

In 2009, Chris set his sights on captivating the musically rich continents of the Americas. With two Billboard Dance chart number ones and a series of successful tours, his sonic influence has stretched from Vancouver to Rio, from NYC to Miami, and beyond. Chris Lake’s music now resonates warmly in the hearts of music enthusiasts in every city he touches.

But what defines the Chris Lake sound? Well, it’s a dynamic blend of electro-pop crossover productions, exemplified by hits like ‘Changes,’ ‘La Tromba,’ ‘Only One,’ and ‘If You Knew,’ all of which topped various charts and gained recognition from MTV for their captivating music videos.

As a DJ, Chris takes on a different persona, diving into the darker and deeper realms of electronic music. He adds his personal touch with custom edits, ensuring that every dance floor experience is a one-of-a-kind journey to savor.

The year 2010 marked a strong start, with a Michael Woods remix of his collaboration with the renowned Deadmau5, ‘I Said,’ earning the prestigious title of Pete Tong’s ‘essential new tune of the decade.’ His global tour schedule was jam-packed, and he took on a residency at Ibiza’s Cream for Deadmau5 & Friends during the summer season at Amnesia.

Meanwhile, Chris’s record label, Rising Music, quietly celebrated its fifth year of operation. It continues to flourish, supporting emerging talents from across the globe. Chris also ventured into mixing compilations, with his first in two years set to launch on Toolroom Knights in late spring, and a grand launch event planned at the Ministry of Sound on May 1st. In the studio, collaborations thrive as he works closely with his regular partner Marco Lys, alongside Michael Woods and Funkagenda.

To describe Chris Lake in a single word? “Accomplished” comes to mind. As we look ahead, we can only anticipate how his musical perspective will evolve and mature, eagerly awaiting the surprises and innovations that lie in store.

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