Kyle Watson

By drawing inspiration from a myriad of sources, Kyle Watson has crafted a distinctive style of forward-thinking house music. His compositions seamlessly merge tantalizing sound design with entrancing basslines and robust percussion, resulting in musical pieces that resonate both within the confines of home listening and the energetic ambiance of a club.

Between 2015 and 2016, Kyle’s early tracks, including ‘Watermelons,’ ‘Moments,’ and ‘Don’t Talk,’ began to pique the interest of audiences across the United States and South America. This marked the commencement of a journey that propelled him beyond his local South African scene and thrust him into the global limelight.

This musical odyssey has yielded releases on renowned labels like Higher Ground, Realm, and Solotoko, with more recent tracks such as ‘I Got You,’ ‘Sides,’ and ‘Magic Carpet’ enjoying widespread acclaim. Additionally, Kyle co-owns the independent label Box Of Cats, a platform known for its diverse bass-centric house releases that frequently find their way onto charts.

Recognition from industry heavyweights like Diplo, Chris Lake, and Gorgon City has afforded Kyle the opportunity to share his music with audiences worldwide. He has played to crowds of 15,000 in South America and headlined sold-out shows in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

With a consistently evolving release schedule and the United Kingdom as his new base of operations, Kyle’s upward trajectory displays no signs of deceleration.

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