Michael Bibi

Michael Bibi has rapidly established himself as a prominent figure in the Underground Music scene. Hailing from London, he has meticulously honed his skills through countless hours in the DJ booth and seclusion within his South London studio, where he meticulously cultivates the globally recognized sound and brand known as ‘SolidGrooves.’ Bibi transcends the typical Producer/DJ label; he’s a multifaceted artist.

His unwavering passion revolves around three core elements: playing music, creating music, and embracing the vibrant party culture. Bibi, the driving force behind SolidGrooves, is determined to ensure that every piece of music released and every event organized under the brand bears his unique mark. In his own words, “I live, breathe, dream, and live for this music.”

Bibi’s deep love for music has been ingrained in him since childhood, but his fascination with the underground scene ignited at the age of 14 when he acquired his first pair of Numark belt-drive turntables. From that moment onward, DJing became an all-consuming passion. Several years later, he ventured into music production, and the addiction of creating and performing music took hold.

Recently, Michael Bibi has been making waves in the music industry, collaborating with renowned labels such as Viva Music, Lost Records, Madtech, and his very own SolidGrooves label. He has also been thrilling audiences at iconic venues across Europe, including the UK, Germany, and Ibiza. Keep a close eye on his name in the upcoming years; Michael Bibi is undoubtedly a rising star in the music scene.

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