Truth x Lies

For nearly a decade, Truth x Lies, the proponents of bass-rich tech-house, have been delivering their distinctive and groove-inducing beats. This dynamic duo, comprised of Ian Bertles and Ryan Howard, launched their musical journey in New York City, initially as local event promoters who spun records at their own gatherings. Between 2012 and 2014, they explored various genres, filling venues with friends and fans.

However, their path to success took a deliberate turn when they decided to narrow their focus on house music. They diligently secured local gigs, but their significant breakthrough came in 2017 when they clinched victory in the Insomniac Discovery Project. As their dreams transformed into reality, they made the conscious choice to decline NYC gigs, redirecting their energy toward music production and shedding the label of being just local DJs.

After years of unwavering dedication, Truth x Lies are now stepping into the national spotlight. They’re securing bookings at festivals across the country and gaining recognition for a sound that is undeniably their own.

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