Strobe by Deadmau5 has got to be one of the best progressive house tracks of all time, and many would say that it is the best.  Have a listen:

About Strobe by Deadmau5

This track is sort of the Stairway to Heaven of House music in the 2000s, an epic electronic instrumental ballad at a fully satisfying ten and a half minutes in length (10:36).  It is a master-work of electronic music production, in composition, arrangement, and quality of sound engineering and production that created a perfected mix that marked a newly raised benchmark for the entire genre at the time that producers to this day are still trying to achieve with little success.

The Strobe Vibe

The vibe of Strobe is magical and nostalgic and was from the day it came out in 2009, capturing the essence of the rave scene feels at the time.  The beat is somehow both driving and soothing at the same time, both understated and complex, with long builds and bridges that build the suspense to some well made drops and long jammed out sections.  The synths are a constant focus throughout the track with a mathematically perfect melody that would make Mozart proud, that come and go tastefully easing the cutoff and filters of the square synthesizer creating an amazing soundscape for the entirety on par with a movie soundtrack.

Deadmau5 is and always has been an absolutely obsessed artist who always put the production level and art of his music first in the way that he saw fit, famously producing his songs to a point that there was almost no need for studio mastering to improve anything about, and this track is a prime example.

A Rare Musical Stat: Full Version 10x Over Radio Edit

This track has been played literally over 50 million times on YouTube alone and has been blasted on every continent on earth at raves all over the world.  On YouTube the stats show clearly that the full-length version was played more than 10 times as much as the radio-edit, the opposite of the norm and testament to the mastery of the track from beginning to end.  This track will always go down in history as one of Deadmau5’s greatest works, and one of, if not the best progressive house track of all time.

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