This track is complete fire.  You may already be familiar with the original track – Gimme Some Keys by Matroda – already a really dope track with a lot of great energy, cool synths, solid beat and of course great keys. But, you may have not heard this specific remix, which came out back in December (2022) amidst a lot of big other releases that may have eclipsed it from your main playlists.

When you hear David Herrlich’s remix, it uses the catchy keys from the original right away and is familiar enough you almost think it’s the original.

But the way he did the reversing the last part of the hook before the drop is a sick little twist that is super fun when it comes out of nowhere.  The beat is pretty cool, nice bass, a lot of the elements of the original.  It’s interesting hearing a tech house remix of a tech house track, where he made a fun take on the same vibe without overdoing it, and we like the results.

Have a listen:






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