132.00FM, The latest album release by UK producer MPH, is fire! His label Nightbass must be pretty stoked for this one.

Masterfully Produced Garage Energy, Soulful Vocals, Slapping Beats, and More

For one, the album has an great mix of more genres and sounds than your typical house album. MPH has thrown in some cool elements of House, Break Beats with some Drum & Bass flavor, and an ambient intro that makes this album play more like a really cool live set start to finish.  It’s full of rich synth chords, spooky melodic synth sounds, pitched vocals, soulful vocals, driving and bouncing basslines, slapping beats, a lot of his style of garage elements, and even some good ol’ blaring ravey saw synth sounds that hit hard right when they should. It has a cool but driving vibe overall and a lot of energy amidst a pretty impeccably produced sound with cool key changes and both harder and more chill tracks to enjoy in any setting.

My only wish is that there were some longer extended mixes on here…

7 Quickies

Even though the album has 7 tracks on it, it is short and sweet. The 7 tracks come in total at just under 20 minutes, which means that each track is on average less than 3 minutes.  It leaves you wanting more, that’s for sure, which I’m sure in his sets, MPH probably works in some longer mixes and variations of these quickie bangers.

Have a Listen to 132.00FM

Listen to MPH’s new album on spotify.


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