Another absolute screamer today, this time brought to you by Sosa UK and Prok & Fitch. These artists are certified legends in the house scene alone, and now they’ve teamed up for an EP and its guaranteed to blow some woofers out. This four track EP is full of the hard driving, high energy tech house that both sosa and Prok & Fitch are known for.

The title track “Dance Lapse” has some strong jungle vibes going on especially when the sub kicks in and has some great female vocals that mesh nicely with this bouncy track. This track has more of the signature Prok & Fitch sound in the drums on it and also has an extended version on the EP as well.

The Next track “Sweat” has more of a trippy vibe and you can tell sosa did the drums on this one. This one is the hardest driving song on the EP very kick heavy track and we love this style here. Made for some sweaty 2am dance floor in a club somewhere dark… just our vibe.

Last track on the EP is “Footsteps in The Dark” and is my personal favorite. High energy with driving bass, and minimal vocals. The synth work on this track sets it apart from the others, it has a bigger more atmospheric feel than the others but keep that driving bouncy momentum to the track. This EP is a must hear… oh and whaddya know there’s a link right below!


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