New Release incoming form the Odd One Out boss and the epic OGs Booka Shade and we love it here.  Two legends, one new and one old, have come together to put out a track that really hits without trying too much to be trendy or new age.  It’s got that old school vibe with that new school crisp production value.


Book Shade Magic

This track has some great atmospheric vibes which Yotto and Odd One Out are known for so no surprise here. This track has a great build in it I automatically want to put my hands in the air like I’m at church when I hear it ramping up to the peak.  The peak hits but not too hard in your face.  This the exact type of track you could be faced and still dance in the vibe to for the full length.

The melody synths are very stabby and large and it has the perfect dry snare that make you bounce with the beat.  This is a classic Booka Shade touch that they have been loved for for over a decade.

It has a recognizable vibe of that Booka Shade magic, too, that mysterious and intriguing sound that they do so well and have done for so long, with some deep bassy synths just warming things up in a way that gives a nostalgia from the 2012 era.

Yotto Vibes

Yotto’s vibe is there too in the long techno build energy and a bit of the more modern production touches.  The fog machine sets it off in the middle drop with some serious club vibes that will take you back to the good ol’ days of the front row at your favorite deep sets.

The album art is pretty dope as well:

Listen Now

Definitely worth a listen! Have a listen below.

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