Back at it again with a new fire release this one is from San Diego’s very own Not Not. The EP features two tech house tracks that absolutely will have any dancefloor bouncing. Not Not is known for featuring his own original (and trippy) vocals on his tracks and these two tracks follow suit. Both tracks on this EP are high energy and trippy, these are great for those late night/early mornings and are guaranteed to keep the dancefloor bouncing.

“Dip” is a Vibe

The first track “Dip” has a very catchy hook that will have a crowd singing along no matter if they know the track or not. The bassline is very groovy, powerful, and has some synths over the top that give that signature trippy sound that Not Not has come to be known for.

“Treat Yourself” Bangs

The second track on the EP is the title track “Treat Yourself”. This tracks vocals are done by Not Not himself and will keep the party poppin bottles all night. The bassline on this track is a very heavy driving one, better for later in sets when the energy starts to pick up. Similar to the first the synths take you to a psychedelic state of mind which Not Not is known for.

About Not Not

Not Not is a prominent figure in the San Diego Tech House Underground scene and is one of our very own up and coming stars in the scene. He has multiple releases that have charted on beatport in the top ten from a plethora of labels including Space Yacht, Artichokes are Yellow, Psycho Disco!, and many more.

Check Out The Treat Yourself EP below!

Want More Not Not?

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