This is one of the biggest surprise popup sets of the year right here. Skrillex, Fred Again, and Four Tet surprised everyone in Times Square with a popup set put on with a popup sound stage provided by The Lot.

This set WENT OFF. Even the rain couldn’t stop THOUSANDS of people from vibing out and raging a bit with these 3 legends.

At one point Skrillex said on the mix “DJng with CDJs in the Rain is just Different!” because they were all having there own issues with the decks all covered in rain drops.  Maybe next time The Lot will take rain protection more into account because even though they were covered, the decks were all wet.

100% Live Complete with F Ups

There are a few choice moments during the set, too, where they F’d up and rolled with the punches, letting you know just how live it was. For example the rain just all over the CDJs and them trying to wipe them off just to be able to see the screens, and around 33 minutes Four Tet accidentally wiping the jog wheel and stopping the track entirely on accident during Skrillex and Fred Again’s “in the jungle” collab track. Whoops! Skrillex took the mic and smoothed it over pretty well and started the track over again like a pro and the crowd just went wild again.

And then, maybe karma, around 38 minutes when Four Tet drops a huuuge dub step drop out of nowhere, which actually was kind of sick, and then Fred Again just wiped the track off with the jog wheel and stopped the beat? What in the actual F even happened here? Was this revenge? Lol – and then Skrillex just drops it again.

At 51 minutes while Skrillex was mixing through, Fred completely stopped the track again, and just started laughing, and then just a moment later, after the track started again Four Tet just scrolled the Jog Wheel again suddenly stopping the track again when the track was only playing for a few seconds… so who knows what the F was going on!

This show was a lot of fun to watch and was nothing short of a train wreck in some truly authentic ways. But I guess that’s what you get with an impromptu show put on by 3 very different DJs, and we honestly enjoyed watching the back and forth madness. Somehow, the show was still sick and they kept the energy going through all the f*ckery anway.

It was fun to watch and if you’ve ever DJ’d dropped the beat accidentally you know sh!t happens!  Even these huge legendary DJs are human!

Some Really Dope Tracks

All in all there are some truly dope IDs in this set, so here’s the whole set list in case you’re wondering:

Set Track List

  • 00:05 Fred again.. – Danielle (smile on my face)
  • 03:30 Taylor Swift – Love Story (Four Tet / KH Edit)
  • 07:15 Roddy Ricch – The Box (Skrillex Edit ?)
  • 08:48 ? i hear Burial – Her Revolution, not sure if that’s just the sample or what
  • 10:45 Fred again – Bleu (better with time)
  • 13:00 Skrillex & Boys Noize – Want Some More
  • 14:45 Skrillex & Four Tet feat. Starrah – Butterflies
  • 17:45 Fred again.. & Romy – ?
  • 18:40 Anna Lunoe – Back Seat (Chris Lorenzo Remix)
  • 20:30 Skrillex, Bobby Raps – Leave Me Like This
  • 23:15 Joy Anonymous – JOY (Head In The Sky)
  • 24:40 PinkPantheress – just for me (Salute Edit)
  • 25:31 J Balvin, Skrillex – In Da Getto (Chris Lorenzo Remix)
  • 27:00 J Balvin, Skrillex – In Da Getto (Andrew Lux Remix)
  • 28:00 Skrillex, Fred again.. & Four Tet – Baby again..
  • 32:00 Hamdi – Skanka
  • 33:40 Skrillex, Fred again.. feat. Flowdan – Rumble
  • 33:52 TroyBoi feat. Skrillex – WARLORDZ (for like 1 second lol)
  • 36:20 MizorMac – Return of the Mac (? Remix)
  • 38:11 HOL! – Country Riddim
  • 39:05 Skrillex & Diplo – Where Are Ü Now with Justin Bieber (Marshmello Remix) [Skrillex Flip]
  • 39:55 Skrillex, Nai Barghouti – Xena
  • 40:45 Skrillex, Aluna & Kito – Inhale Exhale
  • 41:50 Fred again.. – Jungle
  • 44:10 G Jones & Eprom – On My Mind (RamonPang flip)
  • 45:05 Skrillex, Starrah – Good Space
  • 46:30 Skrillex, Swae Lee, Siiickbrain & Posij – TOO BIZARRE (juked)
  • 49:00 Fred again.. – Delilah (pull me out of this)
  • 51:44 Fred again.. Billie (loving arms)
  • 52:15 Skrillex, Missy Elliott, & Mr. Oizo – RATATA
  • 55:10 Drake x Alicia Keys – Massive x Empire State of Mind
  • 57:30 Skrillex, Missy Elliott, & Mr. Oizo – RATATA

PRO TIP: If you’re watching on YouTube want to skip thru the ads faster, use the Smuuvr add-on for chrome, which will skip ads way faster as they pop up.

Shoutout to The Lot Radio Streaming 24/7!

Shoutout to the Brooklyn legends The Lot Radio – these guys have been putting on DOPE live sets and streaming online 24/7 in high quality 320 kbps for a while now from a popup-esque spot in Williamsburg in  Brooklyn, NY.  Their independent venue is small and dope, covered in stickers, super tiny and hidden in what looks like a barely renovated shipping container, giving it a ton of character and a street-feel that we love as it gets blessed by money DJs big and small.  I guess it’s a cafe, too!?  I’m sure that’s small potatoes now in comparison to their live radio and set productions, but if you can you should stop by to support by grabbing a coffee, some snacks, and some straight up VIBES vibes knowing the music will be dope, and they are a non-profit throwing absolutely epic popups and keeping the vibe alive.  They’ve had a bunch of sick live sets from small and large artists alike, and they have them all recorded and stream ready on their website.

If you haven’t already, we highly recommend you check it out and enjoy some of these live sets:

The Lot Radio - Brooklyn


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